When is the last time you checked your hoses and belts? Have you noticed that your car is overheating or making a strange noise? The hoses and belts under the hood of your car are like the veins carrying necessary fluids and car-sustaining energy to other parts of your vehicle. For example, your timing belt makes sure that components of your engine sync up properly, while your serpentine belts are responsible for your power steering. Coolant hoses make sure that your radiator has the antifreeze it needs to keep your cabin cool.

As temperatures heat up and cool down, they can wear down and corrode your belts and hoses, causing leaks and cracks. A leak in your coolant hose can lead to further damage to other components under the hood. If you notice a loss of power steering, vibrating, grinding, overheating, or any other sluggish behavior when you start up your car, it could be time to check your hoses and belts.

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